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What services do JG Leasing offer? 

We offer a range of car leasing and contract hire options including Business Contract Hire or Lease and Personal Contract Hire or Lease. We can advise you on the benefits associated with all of the finance products available and offer free, expert advice on all aspects of private and business motoring. 

How can I trust your business? 

We are part of the John Grose Group; a family-owned limited company established in 1888 that has won many awards for customer service. We are VAT Registered, FCA authorised and a multi-franchise main dealer, so have the backing of several manufacturers as well as a number of the UK’s leading funders for leasing and contract hire. We have the experience and expertise to give you the best possible service. 

Who supplies your vehicles? 

Every car and van is supplied by a UK dealer group or manufacturer. Service agreements with all of our suppliers ensure you get the best possible delivery experience and we remain involved every step of the way until you have taken delivery of your new vehicle, after which we are only a phone call away for any further support or advice that you need. 

What is business hire? 

Business leasing is also known as business contract hire and is explained in detail here

What is personal hire? 

Personal leasing is also known as personal contract hire and is explained in detail here

How can you offer prices so low? 

We work with some of the UK’s leading funders for car and van leasing (or contract hire) who commit to large volume agreements and therefore benefit from economies of scale in order to be able to offer you highly competitive pricing on brand new vehicles with full manufacturer warranties. 

Will a credit check be required for me to lease a vehicle? 

Yes this is a requirement for all lease agreements. We will need you to supply us with personal information about how long you’ve lived at your current address, where you work, and your income. Business applications require information on the business and its directors. You can complete your application online by clicking here, or we can go through the process with you by telephone. We’ll submit the information you provide to our finance partners who’ll run a credit check to assess your eligibility for the vehicle you’ve enquired about. We’ll never pass your information on to any third parties and will treat your data in the strictest confidence in line with data protection guidelines. 

What documentation will you need from me? 

All of our credit agreements are on the basis that you prove your identity and address. We’ll ask you for copies of your driving licence and/or passport and a recent utility bill addressed to your current home address. Further documentation may be required in certain circumstances, such as a recent address change. 

I have poor credit. Can I still lease a vehicle? 

We will work with our funding partners to source the very best deals available to you if at all possible. 

What is the minimum age to lease a car or van? 

You must be at least 18 years old for the finance agreement. If you have a limited credit history we recommend that you have a guarantor (a parent, guardian or relative who shares your address). 

Do I need a driving licence to lease a vehicle? 

Yes, you will need a valid full UK driving licence. 

What lengths of agreement are available to me? 

The majority of our contracts are between 2 and 4 years, though we do have 12 and 18 month special offers available from time to time. We may also be able offer quotations for longer terms if required. Please call us and we will confirm the terms currently available to you. 

Is insurance included? 

No. You will be responsible for arranging fully comprehensive insurance for your vehicle prior to delivery. The finance company would be the registered owner, and you would be the registered keeper. 

Will my new lease vehicle come with a warranty? 

Yes. All our lease cars and vans are brand new and supplied with a full UK manufacturer warranty. 

Is maintenance included? 

Maintenance is an optional extra with most of our contracts, though we do have a small number of offers on the site where maintenance is included. If maintenance isn’t included in the offer for your vehicle of interest, please contact us and we will confirm the small increase in the payment and initial rental that would apply. Adding maintenance is a cost effective option and saves you the worry of unexpected bills. Packages vary depending on the funder but usually they cover servicing, tyres and labour for the duration of the agreement 

Is road tax included? 

Yes. Road fund licence is included for the duration of the contract on all our business and personal contract hire deals. 

What is an ‘initial rental’? 

This is the first rental collected from you via Direct Debit. The larger your initial rental, the lower your monthly rentals will be. This can be tailored to suit your budget. 

How are rentals collected? 

Rentals are collected via direct debit on a monthly basis. Your initial monthly rental is usually collected at the same time as your vehicle is delivered. We’ll make sure you know when your rentals will be collected. 

Will I pay VAT on my agreement? 

Yes. All new UK vehicles are subject to VAT and on a Contract Hire agreement the VAT is spread across the monthly rentals. 

What are the benefits of leasing my car through my business rather than privately? 

You will be able to claim some of the VAT back on your monthly rentals, plus there may be additional tax advantages. The amount that can be written off should be confirmed by your accountant or financial advisor. 

How long after I order my vehicle can I collect it? 

This varies from a few days to a few months depending on the availability of the vehicle you have ordered and how quickly your credit is approved. We can advise you of this at the time of your enquiry and will ensure you receive your new vehicle as quickly as possible. 

Can other people drive my vehicle? 

Yes, if they have a full, UK driving licence and are covered by your comprehensive insurance. You must remain the primary user of the vehicle. 

The deals you advertise are based on annual mileages that are too low for me – can they be extended? 

Yes you can adjust the mileage in 1000 increments to suit your requirements, please be aware that changing the mileage will increase your rentals. 

Can I amend the agreed mileage part way through my contract? 

Please contact us and we will endeavour to arrange an alternative agreement for you which may mean adjusting your monthly rentals. 

What happens if I exceed the agreed mileage? 

Our leasing prices are based on an annual mileage allowance which allows us to take into consideration vehicle depreciation wear and tear. If you exceed this mileage there will be a small extra charge to bring the contract back in line. This is calculated on a pence per mile basis and will be highlighted to you before you agree to your contract. 

Can I change my vehicle during my contract? 

Your contract is for the full length of the agreement; however it may be possible to change your vehicle earlier subject to an early termination fee. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Can I purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement? 

It may well be possible for you to buy the vehicle at the end of your agreement, though this is not always the case, please ask us to investigate this for you. 

Can I take my vehicle to my local dealer to be serviced? 

Yes, as long as it is serviced in accordance to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and using original parts. Please ask us for further details. 

Does my vehicle need to be serviced before I return it? 

Only if it’s due a scheduled service prior to it being collected. If your vehicle is returned after an annual service is due or if the service indicator light is on you could incur a charge. 

What happens at the end of my contract? 

If you’re within your agreed mileage, you’ve serviced it in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and its condition is within the fair wear and tear conditions there should be no additional charges. There are a range of options available to you at the end of your contract depending on your agreement such as starting a new contract with a new vehicle, buying the vehicle or extending your current contract. We’ll advise you of your options and keep in touch throughout the duration of your contract. 

I have a question you haven't answered! 

Please click here to complete an online enquiry form - a member of our leasing specialists team will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can contact us on 01473 208135. 

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